MSNBC is really trying to say that Joe Biden looked great at the G7 summit
ยท Jun 16, 2024 ยท

I really don't think the folks over at Morning Joe got the memo that Joe Biden needs to be replaced on the ballot during the DNC.
Before we go anywhere here, let's take a look at Joe Biden during his most recent visits to Europe for D-Day as well as the G7.



The man's a zombie. It's embarrassing. It's not even political, Joe Biden needs to be replaced on the ballot.

But if you ask MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, Biden is totally fine, tip-top shape, looks great for his age.

Bro, this reminds me so much of the television programming in The Hunger Games. Like, this is just fake television with the aim of propping up the party, nothing else. They're not even hiding it, and what they should really be doing is calling for a qualified replacement for Joe (again, maybe the memo hasn't gone out yet).

MSNBC even goes as far as to say the Biden bashing is "disinformation."

Yeah, you can cherry-pick the disinformation if you'd like, but that doesn't change the fact that Joe Biden is a national embarrassment.

Quit with the games here, Dems. It's time to get a new guy in there. And by guy, I mean anyone but Kamala Harris.

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