Nancy Pelosi touts Biden as "president-elect," calls this "a happy day for our country"
· · Nov 6, 2020 ·

Fancy Nancy is back at it again. After harboring years of unbridled rage at President Trump, Speaker Pelosi giddily referred to Biden as "president-elect" during a Friday press briefing.

"Pretty soon the hyphen will be gone from Vice President to President-Elect Joe Biden," said Pelosi.

Pelosi then went on to say it's "clear" that Biden would win the White House and that it is a "happy day for our country."

One might assume the honorable Speaker of the House means "OUR country," referring to the Left's insatiable lust for power and the inference that America is their nation, but I would never suggest that.

Remember: the Left is the party of the little guy. It's not like Biden or Pelosi are de facto aristocrats who live richly on the purse of the American people!

And the Left never ever weaponizes our institutions to maim average people – like small-town bakers from Colorado – or uses the media to dox and crush the careers of all who stand in their way.

"Joe Biden is a unifier because he is determined to bring people together, because he respects all points of view," said Pelosi.

Ah yes, Biden the Unifier! Biden the Noble! Biden the Just!

King Biden the Unifier

You know Joe – that guy who wants to take away your weapons, tax you into oblivion, impose national lockdowns, and hide any suggestion of his own corruption? You know Joe: he's that guy who's been in office for 20% of American history but is going to unify all of us with his coherent speech and quick wit.

We also can't forget that Joe belonged to a presidential administration that respected all points of view... you know, except for evil people like nuns who didn't want to violate their religious beliefs. Stupid nuns!

Joe is a super peaceful man; after all, he was busy securing lucrative foreign business deals while our Lord and Savior Barack Obama was taking Christians to court, supporting Islamic terrorists, handing money to the Iranian murder regime, mobilizing the IRS to target political foes, and drone-striking thousands of people. Remember: the Obama administration was "scandal free!"

Yes, Nancy, I'm sure Joe is the puppet leader that is going to unify us all.

Stay classy, Nancy. Oh, and watch your back. I hear your own party is calling for your blood these days.


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