NBC News says LGBT activists chanting "we're coming for your children" is "taken out of context." Come peek at the brutal fact checks and replies.
· Jun 28, 2023 · NottheBee.com

NBC News is here to let you know that the drag marchers in New York City aren't coming for your children when they say they're coming for your children.

This post was so ridiculous that I have seen TWO separate community notes for it:

We reported, along with multiple other outlets, about New York City's drag march where this "coming for your children" phrase was chanted loudly and proudly.

The phrase was first made popular by the San Francisco Gay Men's Choir, which our fearless leader Adam Ford had a hand in exposing.

The NBC article includes a handful of interviews with a few drag queens. Some were embarrassed and said they didn't like the chant, but the rest were happy to use it and say it's about "poking fun" at rightwing fears.

Here's one of the most SHOCKING lines in the entire story:

According to multiple Drag March regulars, the "coming for your children" variation has been used before. Last year, Gothamist reported, people at the Drag March chanted, "Ten percent is not enough: Groom! Groom! Groom!"

Ten percent (of children being LGBT, I assume) is not enough.

They're happy knowing that what they are doing, performing their drag schtick and sexual fetish in public, is grooming kids to be more open to sex. This allows predators to more easily access their prey.

It's important that I let Auron MacIntyre tap the sign:

This reply is especially poignant.

It's not happening, but it's a good thing that it is.

It's dangerous, but I'm going to dive into the replies for you.

The slippery slope is not a conspiracy theory. It's not a fallacy. It's real and it's dangerous.

Believe them when they tell you: They're coming for your children.


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