NBC story claims intelligence officials are "vindicated" in calling Hunter Biden's laptop Russian disinformation even though it's been confirmed as real
ยท Feb 25, 2024 ยท NottheBee.com

NBC News is the new CNN.

They're also the enemies of the people.

Alright, so check out this tweet and headline. US spies who called Hunter Biden's laptop "Russian disinformation" are vindicated 4 years later!

Yes, they feel vindicated. So they must have been correct, right?


No, of course not. We've all known, from the start, that they were lyin' for Biden. And even major outlets like CBS have confirmed to us years ago that Hunter Biden's laptop was for real.

So how are they vindicated?

They're vindicated even though they were wrong because the very idea that Biden is corrupt is Russian disinformation now???

So any evidence of Biden's corruption is Russian disinformation adjacent because Russia wants you to think Biden's corrupt?

'It validates exactly what we were warning about,' said Marc Polymeropoulos, a 26-year CIA veteran who supervised operations involving Russia. 'Ours was a prudent warning. The Russians were going to push this narrative of Hunter Biden and corruption, to hurt Joe Biden.'

Or, you know, maybe Joe Biden IS corrupt.

Have you ever thought of that, you blockhead?

The press is the enemy of the people AND these former intelligence officials (and many current ones as well) are also enemies of the people.

They're nothing more than Joe Biden and Democrat lackeys.

Sipher said the group never claimed that material about Hunter Biden was made up โ€” only that the story fit a narrative being pushed by people with ties to Russian intelligence, including some who had met in Ukraine with Trump's lawyer and adviser Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani had provided the laptop materials to the New York Post.

"We never said it was fake. We just said it sounded like Russian disinfo to us!"

Yeah, and then those claims were used to justify shutting down the New York Post story, make sharing the story impossible, all to win the election for Joe Biden.

Let's not forget the result:

They feel vindicated now, for sure. But only because their lie worked and got President Biden elected.

Enemies of the people are everywhere!

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