Nebraska becomes latest state to outlaw transgender surgery for minors, some abortions
ยท May 23, 2023 ยท

It's always great news when you see a story like this. Nebraska has just outlawed transgender surgery for those younger than 19 as well as abortion after 12 weeks.

Here's Governor Jim Pillen signing the bill into law:


You see how protective he is when he holds that baby?

Gotta keep em safe from the lefties!

Though, I, and probably you, don't think this law goes far enough, at least on the abortion issue:

Based on the Nebraska 2021 Statistical Report of Abortions, 2,360 abortions were performed, 2,195 of which took place before 12 weeks gestation.

"Unfortunately, since approximately 90% of abortions occur before 12 weeks, that's still so many lives being lost," said Danek. "We will continue to work, as we have for more than 50 years, toprotect all Nebraska preborn babies."

Senators previously successfully overcame a filibuster on a 33-14 vote for the amendment, which allowed the bill to advance.

The pro-life legislation came after one republican lawmaker sold out the lives of unborn children and blocked a bill to protect them at 6 weeks.

One Republican abstained from the vote, and it allowed Democrats to push the bill to 12 weeks instead of six.


As far as the trans surgery part of the bill goes:

Nebraska's law also will prevent transgender people under 19 from receiving any gender-confirming surgery. It restricts the use of hormone treatments and puberty blockers in minors, putting the state's chief medical officer โ€” a political appointee who is an ear, nose and throat doctor โ€” in charge of setting the rules for those therapies. In Nebraska, people younger than 19 are considered minors.

Can you tell by the tone that I copied this from a leftist outlet?

It's sad to me that on the Left they actually consider this kind of legislation to be bad.

Pure evil is getting easier and easier to identify these days.

So keep fighting that good fight, all of you lawmakers out there.

And don't be like the Republican in the Nebraska Senate, Merv Riepe, who allowed this bill to be filibustered and then changed to 12 weeks instead of six.

Nebraska will give the "heartbeat law" another try in 2024.

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