Someone unearthed a 1990s Bud Light commercial making fun of men in drag who dominate women's sports, and it's still funny
· May 23, 2023 ·

I'm convinced that if you want to explain the current zeitgeist of the 2020s, all you have to do is take 1990s jokes and turn them into real life.

Consider the Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light controversy that has cost the company millions in lost sales.

It's easy to think Bud Light lost its base because the base doesn't want to see men in drag, but I would argue that is not true.

Bud Light had a very successful series of "Ladies Night" commercials in the 1990s that featured men in drag. One of the commercials had the guys dominating women's pool in order to score free beer.

The difference of course was that in the 1990s, men in drag was intended to be humorous.

Like this one, where the fellas pretend to be ladies to score cheap drinks on ladies night.

The reason why Bud Light lost their base was because they wanted us to take the joke seriously.

And there's a lot from 1990s humor that people are demanding we take seriously today.

You want a furries jokes?

Check out this scene from Dharma and Greg featuring Raymond Teller of Penn and Teller as a man who lives as a cat.

I mean there were even jokes about Donald Trump and McDonald's taking over.

And then when he became president, he served McDonald's at the White House.

And if you want to get really freaked out, rewatch Demolition Man.

[Warning: Language]

Seriously, it's like everyone thought the jokes we made in the '90s were supposed to be real life or something!

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