New Twitter Files show Democrat Adam Schiff asking Twitter to take down journalists, and much more
· Jan 4, 2023 ·

Our politicians, particularly from the Democratic Party, view Twitter and other social media platforms as an arm of the government where they can censor speech while hiding behind the "private organization" shield.

In the latest drop of Twitter Files, Matt Taibbi explains how the government cried "Russia Russia Russia," claiming that Russian disinformation justified removing legitimate discussions around Covid, including the lab leak theory.

You can read the entire thread here, but what has caught the eye of most people is this gem about a wacky Democrat who cried "Russia." You may know him.

His name is Adam Schiff.

Schiff's office personally reached out to Twitter (like a lot of Democrats did), in order to get a certain journalist kicked off the website.

Yes, while the Democrats were claiming Trump's mean tweets and combative press conference were "unprecedented attacks on a free press," leading Democrats were begging Twitter to kick journalists they didn't like off the platform.

Schiff's request was, according to Taibbi, somewhat par for the course for government actors, but he crossed a line and Twitter wouldn't even consider his call for dramatic unconstitutional censorship.

Old Pencil Neck Schiff is such a sniveling excuse for a congressman and anti-free speeches that he went to Twitter with a request that even the ban-happy radical wokies wouldn't acquiesce.

That's INSANE!

(Remember, this is the guy who painted himself as the righteous warrior trying to take down evil Hitler Trump.)

The following tweet from Taibbi points out that Twitter ALMOST NEVER turned down a request for censorship. The Democrats, deep state, and social media were all on the same team.

Schiff is so radical that Twitter turned him down when they would rarely turn anyone down, apart from the GEC (Global Engagement Center) which, as Taibbi documents, was seen as "too Trumpy."

The fact that the government knew they could trust Twitter to circumvent the Constitution to squelch speech isn't the biggest story in America right now is astonishing.

Instead of making this the driving force behind Republican policy, it's largely being ignored.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights are being destroyed in front of our very eyes, and instead of opposing the Left, Republicans in Congress are criticizing the only people who care about this issue.

The Democrat/Deep State/Big Tech oligarchy must be taken seriously. But Republicans lack the political courage to do anything about it.

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