"Son wore a fake military uniform just to get a 10% discount and ended up getting caught"
· Jan 4, 2023 · NottheBee.com

This man went into Waffle House, the finest breakfast establishment in the South, wearing a thrift-store Army uniform and Timberland boots for a 10% discount.

He was SO embarrassed!

He thought he was going to get away with it.

When I came in, I knew something was off about the uniform, you know what I'm saying? I knew something was off about the uniform. I knew something was off about the uniform. I knew it. He talkin' bout, "Hey, it's veterans day." HAHAHA! You got earrings on! You got earrings on! Full beard? Earrings? [Falsetto voice] You believe this clown? That's a clown! Bro, I already called the police on you, man. For me to be able to serve, I feel real bad man. I feel real bad.

Stolen valor is absolutely disgusting. You try it and you better pray some actual vets don't find you out.

There are many people who fought and died for this country, and you're gonna dress in a costume and pretend to be a veteran for 10% off some eggs?

No way, my man.

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