Check it out: "Non-binary" teacher goes on unhinged rant about a student because he "misgendered" her
· Jan 23, 2023 ·

Just what you love to see, a teacher publicly denigrating a student:

A student in one of my classes... purposely misgenders me.

Oh no! The kid won't play along with your radical gender delusion?

How awful!

In September, I tried to get him moved to another class... not only was he rude and disrespectful, he was honestly just not trying and wouldn't take direction and was arguing with me. It's been an ongoing thing.

I don't know what this student said. There's a chance he could really be just a rude kid.

But the kid not using her preferred pronouns was too much for her – an actual adult with a degree – so she refuses to listen to reason, even when it is offered to her.

When I mentioned the fact that he's misgendering me on purpose, I was told, "well, some religions, you know they don't have to do that, because some religions don't agree with that. So they don't have to respect that."

Our public schools!

Oh no!

Our public schools are defending a child's right to live by their conscience and religious convictions!?

Honestly, I am quite shocked that the counselor would take such a common sense stand against this woke lady. It's all the rage to be inclusive by excluding the 98% of humanity that doesn't agree with rabid woke decrees!

She made it obvious without really saying it, that she doesn't agree with who I am or my existence. So that's fun. I hope she has the day she deserves.

She's literally wishing harm on a fellow school employee because she got her feelings hurt by other people's freedom to not be compelled into going along with her own religious beliefs.

This is the state of public schools today!

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