Top North Carolina Doctor Asks Marketing Team To Make Covid Hospitalization Numbers "More Scary" In Order To Increase Vaccinations

Sep 14th

A group of doctors met with a marketing director in North Carolina to discuss Covid-19 and how they publicize the numbers of hospitalizations and cases of Covid-19 in the state.

The main goal of this Novant Health regional hospital meeting, apparently, is to decide how they can make the numbers as scary as possible to frighten people into getting the COvid vaccine.

Watch the leaked video to see the disturbing conversation among the doctors and their marketing director:

The marketing director discusses what they are already doing, publicizing the number of patients with Covid, the number of ICU beds, the percentage of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated patients. General numbers you see shared on Facebook daily.

Then Dr. Mary Rudyk chimes in. Rudyk was previously the Chief of Medical Staff for Novant Health New Hanover Regional Medical Center and she thinks that the numbers they are putting out right now, the actual number of Covid patients in the hospital, is just not high enough.

"I guess my feeling at this point in time is maybe we need to be completely a little bit more scary for the public. Then there's another comment that I completely agree there are many people still hospitalized that we're considering post-Covid but we're not counting in those numbers. So how do we include those post-Covid people in the numbers of the patients we have in the hospital?"

What Dr. Rudyk is saying is that there are some people in the hospitals who came in with Covid and then recovered, but they're still in the hospital, and she wants to count those as Covid hospitalizations as well. Just to inflate the numbers.

Kind of like how earlier in the pandemic anyone who died WITH Covid was counted as a Covid death, even if Covid didn't kill them.

To the credit of the marketing director and other doctors on the call, the suggestion seems to not be taken that well. Or, at least, they weren't as brazen about it as she was. Another doctor, Shelbourn Stevens, suggests they discuss the matter "offline" before running those numbers to marketing.

So, either there's pushback there or the other doctors didn't want it to look like they were coming up with ways of inflating the numbers.

Rudyk, however, wanted her point to be made clear, so before leaving the subject she dropped this whopper of a line.

"So I was going to say, Caroline, I think we have to be more blunt; we have to be more forceful…we have to say something coming out, you know you don't get vaccinated; you know you're going to die. Let's just be really blunt to these people."

Oh, thank you for that message.

Vaccinate or die! That's the line she's wanting to go with.

She is right. That's a much more blunt message. Unfortunately for Rudyk, if it was a true message she wouldn't have to lie about the numbers to make it seem "more scary." Just the facts on the ground would be enough.

Lie to the people. Scare them into getting the shot. It's for their own good!

There's no honesty. There's no treating everyone like adults. We've been lied to the whole pandemic, and these people will continue to lie to you until you comply.

Novant Health, the group represented in the video, released a statement to local news, explaining the context of the video:

"The team members involved in this excerpt of an internal meeting are seeing the highest level of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths so far in this pandemic - despite having safe and effective vaccines widely available. This was a frank discussion among medical and communications professionals on how we can more accurately convey the severity and seriousness of what's happening inside of our hospitals and throughout our communities. Specifically, the data we have been sharing does not include patients who remain hospitalized for COVID-19 complications even though they are no longer COVID-19 positive, so it does not provide a complete picture of the total impact of COVID-19 on our patients and on our hospitals. We continue to be concerned with the amount of misinformation in our communities and consistently strive for more ways to be transparent and tell the whole story. The continued rise of hospitalizations makes it evident that we have more work to do to reach our communities with these messages."

There's no "mea culpa," no owning up to the problematic statement. Only the excuse of the discussion being "frank". Also, the statement basically goes on to say that Rudyk was right: they aren't showing the numbers as high as they should. Their previous policy was not showing a "full picture," so they want to show the true "severity" and full scope.

So yeah, they are painting the pandemic in an even worse light to scare more people into getting the jab.

That's the goal. Do you want to listen to people like this?

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