Now Obi-Wan Kenobi himself has been pulled into the drama of Disney calling Star Wars fans racists
· Jun 1, 2022 ·

So yesterday, Disney and LucasFilm thought they would celebrate their massive opening of the "Kenobi" show by calling their fanbase racist.

And they followed it up by having Obi-Wan himself, actor Ewan McGregor, address the issue with a heartfelt message:

See, the problem here is that Disney doesn't define what they mean by sharing some of the racist messages that have reportedly been sent to actress Moses Ingram.

If they did and the messages actually were calling her racial slurs, 99.9% of people would condemn them.

But Disney, being super woke, needs to virtue signal.

"Look, our black actress is being oppressed by our racist fans!"

You know, those racist fans who loved characters like this:

Meanwhile, Disney has erased black actors off film posters to appease racist China.

And it has a score of woke employees who post about white supremacy, criticize white people based entirely on skin color, and feel the need to tear down Eurocentric Judeo-Christian civilization on a regular basis.

So fans are left confused by what Disney means when it says they are being racist.

And the confusion is understandable. Woke entities like Disney have created it.

  • In some circles, criticizing a person's professional skill or talent if they have a certain level of melanin (as long as they aren't vocally conservative) is racist (but only if the person criticizing has a lighter shade of skin).
  • In some circles, criticizing the fictional characters that black actors play is immediately associated with an attack based on skin color.
  • In some circles, any critique at all is an attempt to uphold white supremacy by excluding "black and brown folx."
  • In some circles, disagreeing with race-based Marxist equity makes you a neo-Nazi worse than Hitler.

There's no need for a company to respond to a tiny minority of online trolls unless said company wants publicity off their virtue signaling, and that's exactly what they got.

It's almost like they're trying to take a supporting character from a show and make everything about her by screaming "RACISM!" at the top of their lungs based on what bots and trolls had to say. After all, it wouldn't be right to simply have great characters and an awesome plot!

But I'm sure Disney's cherry-picking on a case involving a black supporting actress in a show headlined by a white guy is totally random. They would stand up for ALL their employees!

These people are ruining an otherwise great show because they need to make everything about aNti-RaCiSm.

Whether or not they'll have any fans left by the time they're done milking the woke cow for all it's got remains to be seen.

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