Oakland: 2 scumbags break into a 75-year-old woman's home and stick guns in her face. They didn't expect her to open up with a .357 magnum!
· Aug 5, 2023 · NottheBee.com

That's right, this 75-year-old Oakland woman had two thugs break into her house in the middle of the night, go straight to her bedroom, stick guns in her face, and demand her valuables (after almost assuredly stalking her to learn that she was an elderly woman who lived alone) ... and she had the presence of mind to retrieve her freaking .357 magnum out of her nightstand, hide it under her blanket until the most opportune time, and then let that cannon blow once she saw an opening.

After the first shot, the coward thugs instantly fled the scene spraying bullets at the elderly woman. They actually shot 17-20 rounds while fleeing and this tough old lady wasn't hit once.

Here's the local news report:

"This woman is a hero, I really admire her," one neighbor said.

We at Not the Bee echo your sentiment exactly, good sir.

And the old guy at the end...

"[Criminals in Oakland] are really playing with their lives. All these people around here are armed."

Praise the Lord and pass the ammo.

If you have young, armed, violent men stalking and home-invading a 75-year-old woman in your neighborhood, obviously ready to kill her, you better have yourself a gun, too. And you better be more proficient with it than the bad guys. Just something to think about.

As for this story's hero: All we can say is well done, ma'am, and God bless you.

Hope your wrist is OK from firing that hand cannon. 😊

If you need help fixing up your home from all those bullet holes those low-lives put in your walls, please contact us.

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