People called the cops on a kid who was trying to make money by mowing yards to save up for a PlayStation 5. The police officers got together and bought the boy a brand new PS5. ❤️
· Aug 5, 2023 ·

Well, this story is just so stinking sweet.

This young man was going around a Hapeville, Georgia neighborhood and going door to door, asking people to let him mow their yards because he wanted to make money to buy a PlayStation 5.

Some of the neighbors weren't too happy about the kid being in their neighborhood and called the cops to get him kicked out.

When the cops arrived, the young man explained that he was just trying to make money to buy a new PlayStation.

"Officer Colleran made contact with a young man that explained he was in the area because he wanted to do yard work: pulling weeds, cutting grass and trimming hedges to save up for a PlayStation. The young man was polite, respectful and truthful," the Hapeville police department explained.

The kid didn't make excuses. He was polite and respectful. He was also trying to work to earn money for what he wanted. Clearly, someone had raised him right. You love to see it.

This inspired one particular police officer, Officer Colleran, a guy who also enjoys gaming, and he decided to encourage the young boy in his quest.

The cop got together with some of his friends and purchased the $500 PlayStation for the young man, as well as paying for his online membership.

Here's the video of the officer surprising the young guy:

I mean... it's just so beautiful to see. This is so sweet.

He made this kid's year.

This is America, y'all.

The cops bought the brand new gaming system as well as paid for the young man's online membership so that they could play games together.

This is America.

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