Oh look: BLM lavishly praised genocidal commie Fidel Castro in resurfaced tweet and blog post
· Jul 16, 2021 · NottheBee.com

As we established yesterday, BLM's response to the protests against the communist regime in Cuba prove that the organization is a bunch of commie neckbeards that care little about equality or racial healing:

Today, more of BLM's past praise for mass-murdering Marxists has come to light in the form of a tweet and blog post that praised Cuban dictator and genocidal communist Fidel Castro:

Here's the tweet from 2016:

Screenshot in case they actually delete it:

Rest in power? Let's have a brief reminder of the evils of this madman and how he used his power, courtesy of the left-leaning Human Rights Watch:

During his nearly five decades of rule in Cuba, Fidel Castro built a repressive system that punished virtually all forms of dissent, a dark legacy that lives on even after his death.

During Castro's rule, thousands of Cubans were incarcerated in abysmal prisons, thousands more were harassed and intimidated, and entire generations were denied basic political freedoms. Cuba made improvements in health and education, though many of these gains were undermined by extended periods of economic hardship and by repressive policies...

Many of the abusive tactics developed during his time in power – including surveillance, beatings, arbitrary detention, and public acts of repudiation – are still used by the Cuban government.

LGBT publication Pink News also detailed how Castro built 200 camps to house political dissidents, including any and all gay men:

Reports from those who experienced the era say that police would also round people up on the streets, targeting men who looked "effeminate" or like "hippies".

Homosexuals and men who were perceived to be homosexual were separated and put into camps apart from other detainees.

Those who experiences the labour camps report being beaten, threatened with execution, stuffed with dirt in their mouths, buried in the ground up to their neck, and tied up naked outside in barbed wire without food or water until fainting.

According to an official state newspaper report in 1966, the labour camps were the idea of Fidel Castro himself, after seeing similar examples on a visit to the Soviet Union, and were enacted by current Cuban President, Raul Castro.

And just for fun, let's throw in a few other notes from FaithWire:

Fidel Castro and Che Guevara beat ISIS to the game by over half a century. As early as January 1959 they were filming their murders for the media-shock value.

Fidel Castro also came closest of anyone in history to (wantonly) starting a worldwide nuclear war.

In the above process Fidel Castro converted a highly-civilized nation with a higher standard of living than much of Europe and swamped with immigrants into a slum/sewer ravaged by tropical diseases and with the highest suicide rate in the Western hemisphere.

Over TWENTY TIMES as many people (and counting) have died trying to escape Castro's Cuba as died trying to escape East Germany. Yet prior to Castroism Cuba received more immigrants per-capita than almost any nation on earth—more than the U.S. did including the Ellis Island years, in fact.

Fidel Castro helped train and fund practically every terror group on earth, from the Weathermen to Puerto Rico's Macheteros, from Argentina's Montoneros, to Colombia's FARC, from the Black Panthers to the IRA and from the PLO to AL Fatah.

Let's return to the original quote now.

Rest in Power. #FidelCastro

Seems a bit darker now, yeah?

Let me note that this is a public post from five years ago, but that statistically, half of you went along with their racially charged narrative in 2020 and posted black squares on your Facebook pages without seeing what kind of ideology you were buying into.

This isn't even the worst part.

Fox News reported Friday on an uncovered blog post from the organization after Castro's death, where they REALLY lavished praise on the dictator. Let me post a few bits and see how this makes you feel as a free individual who can freely browse the best website on the internet:

Hooooo boy!!

It is never over.

Reminds me of this Orwell dude who wrote a book where the Party was always right and where the process of revolution was "continuing day by day and minute by minute."

The post also praised Castro for harboring FBI Most Wanted criminal Assata Shakur, who remains in exile in Cuba. The Daily Wire notes how BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who called herself "a trained Marxist," credits Shakur as the inspiration for BLM.

The post concluded this way:

Are you starting to understand BLM yet???

I haven't even started on BLM's connection to the occult, although they mention it in passing by thanking Castro for allowing the "traditional spiritual work of African people" to continue.

Fidel Castro was a mass murderer who enslaved an entire island of people for his own power. The organization known as "Black Lives Matter" sees him as a hero and as a template for what they want to do to the United States.

Black lives, like every human life on this planet, are important and precious. It is essential to reject BLM and their genocidal role models to protect them.

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