Oh look: The ladies on The View are blaming the unvaxxed for new variants of Covid
· Dec 7, 2021 · NottheBee.com

I'm starting to think the whole "vax it or casket" thing doesn't actually mean you'll die of Covid if you don't get the shot—it means you'll die of authoritarianism.

I mean, just listen to the absolute non-science propaganda coming through the screens of people who still watch The View (probably just libs at this point):

So now, undoubtedly, we'll have liberal Karens all over the place repeating these lines of fake news to each other as if they're serious.

"That's why we are at the omicron variant...because it's mutating, it's becoming this crazy superbug inside of the people that aren't vaccinated, and now it's affecting us," a Karen might shout to her Karen friend, quoting Sunny Hostin word for word.

"It's essentially as if we're inhaling their secondhand smoke, if you ask me," the Karen friend might respond, paraphrasing Ana Navarro.

Another Karen might pop into the conversation, saying, "They feel that their greater good is more important than your greater good," a direct quote from bozo Joy Behar.

The conversation would go on for a long while, or at least until someone walked into the coffee shop without a mask on and they were all forced to get up and yell at the anti-masker.

In the meantime, they'd quote MSNBC, Vox, The Atlantic, and so on.

What a bunch of clowns!

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