Ohio enshrined abortion until birth as the law of the land last night. The way I see it, there are two ways to react to this tragedy.
· Nov 8, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Last night, voters in Ohio (yes, OHIO) voted "yes" on issue 1, enshrining the murder of children as a woman's right all the way until birth, with essentially no restrictions.

Here are the ghouls from Planned Parenthood celebrating their "victory" in the Buckeye state:

Absolutely heartbreaking to see.

Moving forward from Ohio, it seems like there are two general directions we could go in the abortion debate. I call them the Trump approach and Walsh approach.

Since the overturn of Roe vs. Wade, Donald Trump has greatly tempered his rhetoric around abortion and has recommended his endorsed candidates do the same.

Moderate Republican Nancy Mace also epitomizes the Trump position on abortion as well.

Here's how she reacted to the passing of limitless abortion in Ohio last night:

The argument: Don't push for full bans. Push contraception. "Common sense" abortion restrictions. ALWAYS make exceptions in the law for rape and incest. Point to the Left's radicalism.

This is the establishment approach AND the Donald Trump approach to abortion. "Don't talk about it and when you do talk about it make sure to couch it in terms that appeal to the middle ground."

It's an incrementalist and moderate proposal, and there are definite merits to the approach.

Then we have the second option. I call it the Matt Walsh approach thanks to his tweets on the subject last night.

Before you tell me that the pro-life message is a political loser, answer me this: how many Republican candidates fought back hard and effectively on this issue, actively went after the Left, ran ads attacking their opponent for supporting the dismemberment of fully developed infants (which nearly every Democrat does), and actually countered the Left's pro-abortion narrative with a strong and affirmative pro-life narrative? It seems to me that the pro-life message is being blamed in races where the pro-life message was never even articulated.

Has anyone ran an ad saying "Here's what happens in a third trimester abortion. My opponent supports this"? This is the most basic strategy and I'm not aware of anyone who has even attempted it. The strategy is simple: go on offense and tell the truth.

We're told by the people who know politics (and to their credit, they do know politics), that Walsh's approach is too radical, offends people's sensibilities, and turns them off to the whole movement.

But why wouldn't this work? The Left is winning the abortion issue because they paint conservative pro-lifers as "radicals," but the butchery of their position is TRULY radical. It's almost like the Right doesn't want to say it.

Walsh continued his thoughts this morning:

The idea that conservatives should moderate on abortion is not some brilliant new insight. It's the same thing the Republican Establishment has been saying my entire life. Just like my entire life the Republican Establishment has been losing pitifully, failing to lead, failing to move the ball, while blaming social conservatives for their own failures every step of the way. A lot of you are falling for one of the Establishment's oldest tricks.

A lot of Republicans blame the loss in Ohio, as well as other Republican losses last night, on pro-life being a losing issue.

We seem to have fallen into two camps: The pro-life, anti-abortion Right is either TOO radical or they are not radical enough.

I'm not saying I have the solution, but it's clear that whatever we're doing now is NOT working and we're going to have to make some tough decisions going forward.

Millions of lives are at stake.

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