Oklahoma dad sees creep touching his 9-year-old son inappropriately, proceeds to crack his skull, fracture his orbital socket
· Sep 24, 2021 · NottheBee.com

The perv is a pastor, too.

A 33-year-old pastor who apparently likes to stop on his daily jog to touch a child at a bus stop.

Thank God that kid told his dad. And the dad took the matter into his own hands.

From the story:

The child told investigators that Coghill had frequently been jogging through the area, and according to the victim, he stopped at the bus stop on more than one occasion.

The nine year old told police that Coghill had been at the bus stop on Monday, September 20, and said Coghill touched him on the back that day. Police reports say the nine year old didn't like the way that Coghill made him feel.

This guy was a serial offender. Awful stuff. The kid then told his dad what happened...

When the dad "brought the child to the bus stop the morning of September 23, he told police he dropped the child off and went to his car to watch Coghill, waiting to see if he would interact with the nine year old."

The dad just sat in his car and waited for the guy to show up. OH MAN.

And you know what happens next because you read the headline: The sicko DID stop and touch the kid again -- and then he caught a beatdown courtesy of the kid's dad!

The dad "watched as Coghill placed his hand on the child, first on his side, then moved his hand to the backside of the nine year old.

The police report says at that point in time, the [dad] had gotten out of his vehicle and confronted Coghill.

It was when Coghill tried to run that the [dad] tackled him and a fight broke out between the two.

The fight left Coghill's face black and blue, the individual having fractured Coghill's skull and cracked an orbital socket on the left side of his face."

The perv got busted and beat down at the same time. Double win. Check out his mugshot:

Most importantly, he didn't get away and hurt any more kids. God only knows what other kind of stuff this guy was up to. Props to the dad for not letting him run away.

The church obviously fired him, too.

Got what he deserved if you ask me.

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