Oliver Anthony pulled off on the side of the road to cancel a show because the ticket prices were too high
Β· Sep 13, 2023 Β· NottheBee.com

Okay, I kind of like this even though Oliver Anthony messed up here.

Yes, the "Rich Men North of Richmond" sensation has decided to cancel a show scheduled for September 27 at the Cotton Eyed Joe nightclub in Knoxville, Tennessee.


Because prices were too high: $99 per ticket and $200 for VIP meet-and-greet tix.

Yeah, that is a little ridiculous.

Apparently he had a friend booking venues for him and got hooked up with Cotton Eyed Joe, who literally just did their job and booked him for the agreed price - so this is not about them.

Anthony is new to the game, and he's gonna have to work out these growing pains if he wants to be successful in his own, grassroots way.

Here's what Anthony had to say on Facebook:

My booking guy handled all of this on the phone with them. And I realize there are two sides to every story. But I personally talked with Cotton Eyed Joe on the phone about not charging extra for meet and greet. That's why I was so upset seeing them charging $200 for it. I felt like they suckered us into playing there just so they could make extra money off of y'all.

That being said, I wish them the best. All the fault ultimately is with me. I should have been more thoroughly involved in the booking, and I should probably consider using a professional consultant in this area. There's no reason why tickets should have went up for sale before a contract was signed.

The good news is we have already found multiple other options for $25 admission venues in Knoxville that can accommodate more people, the same week this show was scheduled for. We will still be having a good time in Knoxville soon.

I love how he takes the fall on himself. He messed up, and he'll do better next time. But he still doesn't want people paying $100 to see him play, so he canceled.

It's going to be a lot of work for the up-and-coming star, but in the long run this could work for him. There are plenty of small venues out there across America who would gladly host a show featuring Oliver Anthony.

And I must say: Cheers to Mr. Anthony for choosing his heart over money and keeping his live music available to us peeps in the lower tax brackets.

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