People are now identifying as genderseason ... Yes, their gender changes depending on the time of year
· Apr 30, 2024 ·

These days it's getting harder and harder to distinguish between parody and reality.

Perfect example right here:



A real story, believe it or not.

It could be that someone's gender expression is linked to just one season, such as being more masculine during winter.

Or that someone's gender identity and expression changes with each season: perhaps identifying as female in summer but male in fall.

They even have pronouns:

But are there really people out there who change genders depending on the time of year? Well, let's head over to YouTube and hear from non-binary specialist Dee Whitnell.





Incase you couldn't make it through that video (I don't blame you):

Genderseason is an individual who explores their gender identity in relation to a season or all the seasons. So this might be somebody whose gender expression and identity is linked to one season, so for example, winter. Or this might be somebody whose gender identity and expression changes depending on the season.

Essentially, your summer persona might be Meadow, a fine young lady who was born female; in winter, your persona might be Blizzard, a hardcore punk rock male who can't stop hitting his mohawk in doorways; and maybe in spring and fall you're like non-binary or something, I don't know.

These non-binary LGBTQ+ETC peeps will continue to make up genders until they equal the number of the stars. There's no limit to the gay acronym, and we're seeing it in real time.

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