People now have pronouns that change depending on the pronouns of the person they are talking to at the moment and if you fail to remember them it's off to the gulags

Jun 8th

A new edition of the Pronoun Rules just dropped!

Okay, so basically, if you are a normal person who is attracted to the opposite sex for the proliferation of the human race, you have to use plural "they/them" pronouns to refer to this singular woman who thinks we can't tell she has XX chromosomes.

But if you have unnatural sexual attractions or a mental disorder that makes you want to cut off body parts to look like the opposite sex, then you can use "fae/faers," which I imagine refers to the magical fairy kingdom these people pretend to inhabit with their unicorn friends (she literally says these pronouns help her be "confirmed in my not feeling like a person").

Of course, you would only know this if you have TikTok and specifically saw this video. And even then, this person could have changed her pronouns to "tree/treeself" because it's Wednesday and partly cloudy and she feels like having an ice cream cone.

But if you don't use the correct pronouns that correspond to both your and her sexual identities, then you are literally guilty of violence and the deaths of trans people of color everywhere.

Good luck!

P.S. Now check out our viral vid "How to speak Bidenese" 😁 👇

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