Philadelphia's DA says it's rAcIsT to talk about the rampant crime taking place in Democrat-run cities
· · Oct 23, 2022 ·

Apparently, if you happen to notice that Democrat-run cities are hotbeds for all sorts of violent crimes you're a racist.

That's what the District Attorney in Philadelphia said in remarks Friday defending Democrat policies.

Uhh... why does this guy think that critiques of "lawlessness" have anything to do with their precious "diversity"? Sounds like he's the racist here to me.

It's about blaming the biggest city in Pennsylvania with the most diverse population for having the same national struggle that we have with gun violence everywhere.

Oooooh! It's the guns' fault. I should have known that guns commit crimes and not individuals.

Wait a minute...

I didn't even see a gun in this video. It's almost like a bunch of CRIMINALS were committing the crime. Not guns.


Maybe it has more to do with this DA and his buddies being soft on crime. He is so desperate to not be seen as racist that he allows criminals to roam free.


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