Please enjoy these clips of Biden yelling incomprehensibly and mispronouncing simple words yesterday

Oct 17th

Welcome to your latest lesson in Bidenese. In this installment, President Biden takes what should have been an easy layup of a speech and shoots holes in it by mispronouncing simple words and then just yelling incomprehensibly for reasons that probably only made sense inside his own head.

First up:

"Chansgender"? Is this a new gender identity that the rest of us have not heard of yet?

Next we have a word that I've literally never heard mispronounced in my entire life:

Seeing the writing on the wall, the president decides to just start shouting and it's extremely awkward:

Something is seriously amiss with this man.

I like to end with silver lining whenever possible, so kids, just think -- if this man can become the president of the United States, there is nothing stopping you!

Aaand now please enjoy our viral video about how to speak Bidenese:

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