Poll Shows A Majority Of U.S. Democrats Have No Problem With Trudeau's Actions Against Freedom Convoy, Including Freezing Bank Accounts
· Feb 23, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Well, this is not good at all.

A new Trafalgar Group poll shows that a strong majority of Democrats in the United States, 65%, think that what Justin Trudeau is doing in Canada is totally fine.

Yeah, 2/3 of the majority party in the United States thinks it's totally cool that Justin Castro - I mean Trudeau- is freezing the bank accounts of people donating to the convoy, using police to crack down on protesters, and using emergency powers to exercise authoritarian action against the protestors.

65% of Democrats don't have a problem with what is happening in Canada. 17% have no clue what's happening, and another 17% disapprove. So, fewer than 1 in 5 Democrats have an issue with what the Canadian regime is doing to stop the freedom convoy.

Here's how the Daily Wire summarized what's happening in Canada in their report on this poll:

Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act on February 14 in what he called a "last resort" to break a group of protesters that had held ground outside of Canada's Parliament since late January. The group of protesters, which began as the trucker-led Freedom Convoy, demonstrated against COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other regulations and restrictions.

Under the Emergencies Act, federal authorities went after the bank accounts and other financial assets of anybody even tangentially involved in the protest. Trudeau's government threatened that any vehicle involved in the protest could lose its insurance. The bank accounts of protesters or anyone suspected of aiding the protesters could be frozen without a court order or due process.

On Friday, hundreds of law enforcement officials swarmed downtown Ottawa where the Freedom Convoy had set up. Police came equipped in riot gear and wielding tear gas, some riding horses, to methodically push the protesters out of the area and tow away vehicles. Law enforcement made hundreds of arrests and towed away dozens of vehicles.This is absolutely shocking.

It's one thing to think that most Canadians are fine with this, but what happened to the American spirit that tells every red-blooded patriot that these attacks on freedom are wrong?

It's a good point and it's worth considering. How is it possible to share a country with people who think that what Justin Trudeau is doing is completely justified?


We are in deep, deep trouble as a country. The Democrats who don't have a problem with this happening in Canada would have no problem if it was happening here and happening to you.

Remember that.


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