Pour one out for WaPo’s top journalist … she actually has to see opinions she disagrees with on Twitter now 😭
· Oct 28, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Poor Taylor…

These are trying times to be a regime puppet who doxxes and censors people for wrongthink!

It's okay though, she'll stay as long as she gets her entertainment fix:

Here's the thing: Elon simply wants to let free speech exist.

Taylor thinks that free speech should exist, but only for those deemed to be in an oppressed group. She retweeted these last night:

Real talk: This is a Marxist way of thinking. It always starts with the idea that censorship is based on kindness or decency.

But when one group gets to decide who the oppressed and the oppressors are based on their own subjective standards, they become the very oppressors they sought to destroy. This is what happened after the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, and it's what happened with Big Tech.

Taylor thinks she's one of the little guys fighting against a huge alt-right giant that controls all our institutions, when the reality is that she actually represents the boot on the face of humanity out of 1984.

She really believes that she is part of the Resistance as she sits in her 90º apartment, eating her avocado toast and doxxing Libs of TikTok for sharing what woke people publicly say.

It is the political left that has had unfettered control of media, tech, government, and academia for decades.

Taylor is easy to laugh at because she is a stormtrooper who thinks she's Luke Skywalker, and she criticizes one billionaire for making Twitter free-speech friendly while she works for a newspaper that is the mouthpiece for another billionaire.

That said, I pity her. She is trapped in a prison of her own mind – a delusion that would have her censor people like me. I doubt she would have thought twice if history had played out slightly differently and I was being hauled away to the gulags right now.

After all, I'm simply an oppressor, and she's one of the good guys making sure democracy doesn't die in darkness!

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