USA Today fAcT-cHeCkErS compare Trump shirts to Nazi symbols but say pic of Biden staffer with Commie symbol is "MiSSiNg CoNtExT"
· Dec 3, 2020 ·

I know this will come as a surprise to everyone, but the fAcT-ChEcKeRs are biased toward Democratic candidates!


In the first photo, USA Today responds to a recently-surfaced pic of Biden's press secretary pick sporting the ol' Sickle and Hammer as she and John Kerry cozy up to their Russian pals.

Let's enhance:

And E-N-H-A-N-C-E!

Oops, we enhanced too much.

USA Today ruled the photo was "MiSSiNg CoNtExT" (Translation: True, but we wish it weren't).

Yep, nothing to see here folks! We can rest assured that our fAcT-ChEcKeRs apply the same standard of "truthiness" to everyone.

Except, of course, a billion conservative or pro-Trump stories where they jumped at the chance to compare MAGA fans to Nazis.

Look at that! That Trump eagle and the Nazi eagle look the same! We got him!

Using a typical media tactic, this was the side-by-side optic and the "fAcT-ChEcK = tRuE" rating they gave the story. Perhaps the only thing USA Today was kicking itself about was the fact that they couldn't find a photo of a white guy wearing the shirt, because that would have been worth quadruple racist/KKK points!

Of course, USA Today later "clarified" the story, saying that it was technically true that the eagle looks similar to a Nazi eagle. Then, in a short statement USA Today probably wished it could have put in a 0.0001 font size, there was a clarification of the clarification:

"Worth noting, the eagle is a longtime US symbol, too."


What balloonheads.

In the interest of fairness, we decided to point out all the other eagle symbols throughout history to fact-check how many people have been Nazis throughout the ages.

First, we start with the Romans, who used the Eagle of Zeus motif on their coins, as seals, and military standards. This imperial symbol is what inspired many Western nations in their own designs for over 2,000 years, including Nazi Germany, America's Founders, and a thousand others.

Our ruling: NAZIS

Then there's this 13th century city seal from Vienna:

Our ruling: NAZIS

Here's the personal heraldry of Islamic conqueror Saladin:

Our ruling: NAZI

Then there are the tons of eagle symbols used by Native Americans:

Our ruling: NAZIS

And here's House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wearing an eagle pin:

Our ruling: NAZI

Basically, pretty much everyone is a Nazi.

Fact-check = True!

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