So here's Biden's pick for press secretary wearing a communist hammer and sickle hat in 2014
· Dec 2, 2020 ·

Oh nbd, just Jen Psaki, Biden's pick to be his future press secretary, smiling ear to ear while wearing the communist hammer and sickle on her head in 2014:

Yes, it's a hammer and sickle:

And of course John "Longface" Kerry is there with her.

I have no doubt that Facebook is going to try and nail this post with a "FaCt ChEcK" because USA Today has already "FaCt-ChEcKeD" this story and found it to be "MiSSiNg CoNtExT" (more on that in a sec). So hey, "FaCt-ChEcKeR" reading this right now, HERE IS THE HUGE LINK TO THE USA TODAY "FaCt-ChEcK":

Why did USA Today rate this story as missing context? Because the hat was gift from the Russian foreign minister. Psaki was a spokesperson for the Obama State Department at the time. So USA Today says "NO HARM NO FOUL, NOTHING TO SEE HERE, CARRY ON" and if someone shares this picture on social media just factually stating that it's Biden's press sec wearing the world's foremost symbol of tyranny-induced suffering and death on her melon, the social media fact-check mall-cops will be unleashed on them at once to throttle their online existence into oblivion.

But why? So it was a gift from the evil Kremlin, that makes it better to wear happily and smile really big for photos? Really? Would she have smiled and donned a swastika in a similar situation?

That hammer and sickle is a disgusting abomination and under its flag more than 100 million people have died horrific deaths!

My goodness, what kind of pansified U.S. State Department would allow their spokesperson to smile while wearing the stinking symbol of commie evil?? Why was then-Secretary of State John Kerry standing right next to her and smiling?? Do you know how hard those Russians laughed about this after it happened?? They've probably all got this photo framed in their offices!

Any U.S. State Department that would smile about communism in the name of "friendliness" is a disgrace to the country. Communism is evil and leads to nothing but tyranny, suffering, and death. The proper response to "Here, State Department spokesperson, I've got a gift for you, it's a hat with the hammer and sickle on it" should be "Get that offensive piece of garbage out of my sight, and never attempt to give an American something like that ever again." The proper response to "Hey, will you wear this commie hat for a photo op?" should be "No but I will have Secret Service take turns peeing on it for a photo op."

If Biden gets in, this is what his State Department will be, all over again. Obama 2.0. Rubbing tyrants' backs and sending pallets of cash to terrorist regimes so people don't think we're meanies. A bunch of bed-wetters in charge. It's a real shame.

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