President Xi is coming to visit San Francisco and the city somehow figured out how to clean up and move the homeless off the streets 🤯
· Nov 12, 2023 ·

Well, would you look at that?

It turns out that San Francisco DOES know how to keep their streets clean, they just choose not to.

Yes, China's commie leader Xi Jinping is coming to visit San Francisco this week, and, miraculously, the homeless problem in Frisco just figured itself out.

Just kidding, of course, it didn't just "figure itself out." The leaders in San Fran did this because they care more about impressing a commie dictator than they do about keeping the streets safe for their citizens.

San Franciscan: What about the people who are here year around? Local, working class, hard working Bay Area folks?

You see exactly where the priorities are.

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