Pete Buttigieg wants you to "let go of the status quo" and just buy an electric car, you peasant. Does he WANT Biden out of the White House?
· Jul 20, 2022 ·

You remember that feeling where you'd go on a date, and it seemed promising at first, and then like five minutes into it you realized you absolutely had to get out of there, so you started looking for any excuse or opportunity to straight-up bail on the whole thing?

Yeah I think that's what's happening here with Democrats and Joe Biden—how else do you explain it?

And this?

I mean, bro. Biden would absolutely be forgiven for calling this man up right now like:

Imagine going before a Congressional committee when Americans are just barely scraping together enough change to pay for $4.50/gallon gas and being like, "Well this is going to work out great for Tesla owners!"

No way this guy isn't trying to ruin the Democrats' prospects in November, leading to an absolute Republican nuke-strike at the polls so that Biden comes off looking really bad and they can more easily oust him next year.

Okay okay. Maybe it's a bit far-fetched. Maybe.

But I'll only change my mind if someone can put forth a more believable explanation about this, because I'm not getting it.

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