Prince Charles Thinks We Should Mask The Cows For Climate Change. Seriously.
· Apr 29, 2022 ·

Prince Charles has just come out in praise of an effort to reduce climate change by putting masks on cows to catch their burps.

Yes, this is a real thing. And yes, Prince Charles is all about it.

This is quite possibly the worst thing to come out of England since James Corden.




From Newsweek:

Prince Charles has been mocked for backing a climate change initiative that would see a proportion of methane emitted by cows converted into CO2 and water vapor via special catalytic converter fitted masks.

The initiative pioneered by startup Zelp, founded by Francisco Norris, has been awarded the Terra Carta Design Lab award which forms part of Charles' Sustainable Markets Initiative...

Yes, in order to fight climate change, the next King of England believes that it is very important that we strap these catalytic converters to cows to convert burps in CO2.

Real talk: The fact that they use the term catalytic converter and not "cattle-lytic" is a crime in and of itself.

The initiative has been met with criticism from the sane community.

And yes, there are still some sane people in Britain.

The attention drawn to at least one of the initiatives however may not be the kind the prince was hoping to achieve as he has received criticism over the out-there cow mask project.

Broadcaster Sophie Corcoran took to Twitter to voice her disbelief over the project writing: "Prince Charles backs a face mask device for cows that catches Methane emissions in order to stop climate change.

"Climate change Facemasks for cows. What world are we in? this guy is out [our] next king."

TalkTV host Mike Graham told his viewers that the idea was "ridiculous" and "crazy".

"Apparently [the masks] are going to stop them burping," Graham said of the initiative, "or at least when they do burp then the methane that emits through their mouths is not going to contaminate the atmosphere."

"I mean this bloke wants to be the next king of the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland," he continued. "I mean are you serious? Prince Charles?"

Graham was not alone in his criticism of the initiative as he spoke to journalist Ross Clark who said, "I feel rather sorry for the cow. Animals don't tend to like wearing stuff on their faces if they can help it and I should think the first thing they are going to try and do is scrape that thing off on a fence post and the fields will be left full of plastic masks."

I mean, why not put masks on cows, right?

They masked us up for two years, so what's the big deal??

I think putting masks on cows to fight climate change will be approximately as effective as masking people to prevent Covid.

That is, not very effective.

These are the big, bold plans from our world leaders, ladies and gentlemen.

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