HOO BOY: Look how Prosecutor Binger held and pointed Kyle Rittenhouse's gun in the courtroom. Can you spot ANYTHING wrong with these pictures??
· Nov 15, 2021 · NottheBee.com

This is a big no-no, my dudes:

Oh man!!



If you don't know much about guns, let me put it this way: If there was a bullet in that chamber, this prosecutor could have blown someone's head off.

Compare this to Kyle Rittenhouse's trigger discipline when surrounded by an angry mob:

But this isn't the only problem with this picture! I count at LEAST five other problems with the way this weenie is holding that boomstick. Here's an overview:

Let's go through one by one:

  • The bolt on the rifle is closed, meaning a round could feasibly be in the chamber.
  • This weaksauce grip, like that of a tiny child, that would do nothing to keep that gun in control if it fired.
  • Improper placement on the shoulder. The stock of that rifle should be placed several inches lower and nestled on the chest, not the arm. This helps manage recoil and ensure the weapon doesn't go flying backwards over the shoulder. Here's a gun firing full-auto as an example:

  • "Chicken wing." Look at this bruh's left arm. Inexperienced shooters will often keep their elbows out like this, but you make yourself a smaller target and retain control of a rifle by keeping this arm in closer to your side:

  • Stance. Binger is turned sideways – again, like an inexperienced little kid with a BB gun – instead of facing forward with the rifle positioned perpendicular to the body.


Even if he wasn't aiming at anyone when he pulled that trigger, he hadn't confirmed personally that it was cleared and he likely flagged several people bringing the barrel up. Anyone who has been in a shooting range for 5 minutes understands this!!

This guy knows nothing about guns. Probably less than he knows about gun laws, the Second Amendment, or the right to self defense that's existed since before the highly specific Levitical laws on defense given to Moses and the Israelites.

Yet he has the gall to march out there for days on end, paint a law-abiding teen as a murderer, and then try to make a point by incorrectly and dangerously handling a weapon!

What a clown!!

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