Psaki Says Biden's Schedule Is Empty Because He Has Important Internal Meetings All Day. Turns Out He's Shopping At Boutiques And Getting Ice Cream. ๐Ÿ˜‘
ยท Jan 25, 2022 ยท

Today, Psaki was asked why Biden's schedule was so empty, given his trouble with Ukraine, and Singapore, and inflation, and literally everything else under the sun.

It just seems odd that Biden would not be in meetings all day handling these crises.

Here's Psaki's excuse:

Well, let's see. This morning, I think he had some policy meetings, uh also a PDB meeting. He, um later this afternoon, uh, I think, is doing some remarks review.

There are some days we spend some time doing internal meetings and discussions with policy experts, with policy leaders and that's what's happening today.

Narrator: "That was not what was happening today."

Nope. What Biden was doing was not attending internal policy meetings.

Instead, he went boutique shopping in DC.

Seriously, that's where he's been.

But don't worry. Everything is totally okay. It's not like there's anything major happening in the world right now.

Plenty of time to visit this lefty-run boutique.

How do I know it's lefty-run? Look who's hanging out in the window:

It's the ghost of RBG!

But Biden isn't just out shopping at boutiques. He's got much more on his plate than that.

It's been a rough couple of weeks, so Biden feels like he's earned some chocolate chocolate-chip ice cream, I guess.

"You called a reporter an SOB last night, seems like you could use an ice cream cone to cure the grumpies."

Psaki is just lying to cover up Biden's incompetency. Even when he's trying to stay out of the spotlight he somehow messes that up too.

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