Queen Of Irony AOC Wears "Tax The Rich" Dress To Met Gala Where Tickets Cost $30,000 Each
· · Sep 14, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Well, at least she knows the audience she's talking to.

In a fashion statement that's more statement than fashion, supreme balloonhead Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really... surprised no one when she showed up to the Met Gala, a swanky affair that costs $30,000 to attend, wearing a dress that says "Tax the Rich."

I have a brilliant idea for AOC, maybe the text should have instead read "write a check" because there's actually no reason at all AOC or any of her fancy friends couldn't just give more money to the government from their admittedly deep pockets.

She will instead receive applause and swooning from the rich socialites who attend the Met Gala, none of whom to my knowledge are willing to put their money where their mouth is, and donate money to the federal government.

Because they're the good rich people. And sure, they may pay lip service to paying more taxes, but the real targets are the OTHER rich people. The bad ones. The ones who start companies, and build wealth, and employ people.

Of course, the real irony here is that the people AOC is supposedly representing with this "fashion statement" would not be allowed within a mile of The Met where this event is taking place. It is literally a place to celebrate decadence and wealth, and AOC looks like she's just trying to fit right in. This is pointed out extremely well by our parent site:

The real Bee is faster than Not the Bee, and they totally stole my headline.

But this just feels too hilarious to be true. Too ironic to not be a joke. How many families could AOC have fed with what it cost to buy a ticket to the Met Gala? How much is that designer dress worth? Should we tax her so much that she cannot afford such decadences anymore?

Does she really not realize that by attending this event, she is coming out as one of the rich elites she decries as being so evil?

Or does she realize what this looks like, and just doesn't care?

Either way, this is supremely out-of-touch and embarrassing.

There's a reason AOC is the queen of the balloonheads.

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