Robots are now taking human jobs because of, you know, that little labor crisis thing going on... 🤖
· · Sep 13, 2021 ·

The struggle is real.

America is in the midst of a labor crisis because it turns out giving people government handouts makes them umm... lazy.

Small businesses and restaurants have been hit the hardest– turns out, people don't want to work a minimum wage job when they can just pick up a check from Uncle Sam.

Even though jobs are out there, business owners and employers are struggling to find people willing to work. Folks are getting so desperate that a McDonald's in Oregon is trying to hire children while a school in Delaware is trying to hire the kids' parents.

Now, this Dallas restaurant has given up on people all together.

This restaurant owner just bought (and hired) robots to replace the missing (human) staff.

Espartaco Borga is the owner of La Duni, a Latin restaurant in Dallas, and he told CNN that he has never seen this type of worker shortage in the industry and filling those positions with robots was a "no-brainer."

Borga said his restaurant has been busier than ever, "All of a sudden we had 50 to 100% more business than we did, even prior to Covid, with a third of the staff. So everybody was getting overwhelmed, overworked and frustrated, both customers and staff."

He contacted American Robotech and his new employees arrived the next day, were trained in 45 mins, they cost him about $15 a day each and "they don't complain!"

Sorry to say, but that is one outstanding employee!

The robots apparently "have a personality"– they greet customers, bring food to the tables, giggle, sing "Happy Birthday," and "tell you things" (whatever that means) and no... nothing creepy about at this... not at all...

Borga says these robots aren't actually taking anyone's job since no one wants those jobs anyway. He says the cost savings help him pay his (human) employees better while they work less.

So, there ya go. Hope the short-lived free money from the government has been nice, because you have been replaced.

Once you've been replaced by a robot, I don't think there's coming back from that...

To think, if you just would have gone out and gotten a job instead of freaking out that your unemployment benefits are running out, maybe we wouldn't be here right now BEING REPLACED BY ROBOTS.

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