Realtors In Idaho Are Building Homes With "Ballistic And Defensive Properties" To Entice Sane People Out of Leftist Hellholes
· Mar 16, 2022 ·

If you want to see evidence of "The Great Sort" as people flee leftist enclaves, look no further than this story from the LA Times.

Idaho is a reliable conservative state – a bastion of sanity on the edge of the left coast – and some shrewd real estate agents in the Gem State are not afraid to sell that to disgruntled blue state conservatives.

A growing number of real estate companies are advertising themselves to people on the right, saying they can take them out of liberal bastions such as Seattle and San Francisco and find them homes in places such as rural Idaho.

Sandpoint-based Flee the City is a consortium of four businesses that specialize in selling property to conservatives in northern Idaho and western Montana. The company calls itself "a real estate firm for the vigilant."

Flee the City has partnered with a company that provides "sustainable homes design with integrated ballistic and defensive capabilities."


And I mean, is there a more straight-forward name for a real estate company than "Flee the City"? I doubt it.

"A real estate firm for the vigilant"? How awesome is that?

One of the bigger players among right-leaning real estate companies is Conservative Move, based in a suburb of Dallas. Founder and Chief Executive Paul Chabot said blue states have only themselves to blame for driving out conservatives.

"People are tired of out-of-control crime and forced masking," Chabot said.

Idaho has been the fastest-growing state in the nation for five years running, growing 2.9% in 2021, mostly from in-migration.

Idaho is absolutely killing it in terms of growth.

And as for conservative credentials, these two recent stories from their legislature help prove they are committed to family values.


Idaho is making big moves!!

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