Remember that nurse who fainted after getting one of the first Covid vaccines? Whatever happened to her, anyway?
· Oct 11, 2022 ·

You may remember the kind of horrifyingly ironic incident in which a nurse who received one of the first public COVID jabs passed out shortly after getting the shot:

Nothing to see here, nothing to worry about. It turned out that Miss Tiffany Dover had an over-active "vagal response," meaning she faints rather easily. It seems like that would make her not the most likely candidate in the world for an historic medical demonstration, but ah well! Don't ask questions.

Here's a good question, though: Where is Tiffany Dover? Because it kind of seems like she's completely dropped off the face of the earth.

Over at The Dossier, Jordan Schachtel asks that question and gets some fairly interesting answers:

For almost two years, Dover, a once prolific social media user on Instagram and elsewhere, has remained entirely off the grid, an unheard of phenomena for a millennial in 2022. The nurse manager has gone completely dark, her whereabouts remain unknown, and her family has remained tight-lipped about the whole episode. Unsurprisingly, this has fueled more and more speculation about the status of Dover's health.

Schachtel notes that, conspiracy theories notwithstanding, there is no real compelling reason to believe Dover has died. Yet her overall health and well-being remains completely unknown.

As he writes, NBC reporter Brandy Zadrozny's attempts this year to debunk the theories surrounding Dover's status came up mostly short:

Unfortunately for Zadrozny and NBC, she and her crew were unable to debunk the "conspiracy theorists." They never found Ms Dover, and they took pains to dismiss the ledes(sic) they did stumble upon that could lead to fulfilling answers. ...

[Zadrozny] relied on statements from Dover's employer and her family to supposedly prove that Dover was alive and didn't suffer any injuries, but she never actually spoke with or saw Dover, despite efforts to stake her out at her home and workplace. Zadrozny claimed to hear Tiffany Dover on the phone talking to a relative for a brief moment in time, but that was the most "evidence" that her team could conjure up.

Yeah, "I heard her on the background of a phone call" is not exactly the most compelling evidence in the journalistic canon.

Most intriguingly, there are rumors of some kind of gag agreement to which Dover is beholden, possibly one involving a payout of some kind:

Throughout the NBC podcast series, several members of Dover's family allude to a non disclosure agreement between she and her employer. They also allude to a major scandal, but an uninterested NBC team pretty much ignored any follow ups in those interviews.

In summation:

In 2022, it's hard to blame the masses for wondering if someone who has disappeared from the public spotlight, for two long years, could be anything other than deceased. But perhaps, Dover has merely been pushed into silence by powerful forces that now control her destiny.

Very good questions, all of them probably with normal answers. But it'd be nice to know one way or the other.

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