Remember this Canadian shop teacher we told you about? The school put out a letter defending him. 🤡
· Sep 20, 2022 ·

Yes, there is in fact a man in Ontario who wears gigantic fake breasts, wigs, and women's clothes to teach high schoolers how to use buzz saws. I'm not joking.

You'd think that school administrators would immediately apologize for exposing children to some sick pervert who wears a hot air ballon with nipples to work every day.

Let me repeat that this guy, Stephen Hanna, teaches kids how to use circular saws with those things:

What a time to be alive!

Anyway, instead of resigning immediately after profuse apologies, school leadership is doubling down on woke and defending said pervert's right to dress this way around minors in an actual teaching role.

Here's part of the letter:

Ah, yes, the "safe" learning environment where my daughters and sons are exposed to groomers wearing giant ta-tas that make a mockery of actual women.

The "welcoming" environment where my sons and daughters have to be made uncomfortable around a delusional man in their constant presence.

The "inclusive" education where my children are unable to speak up about their discomfort for fear of being harassed and shamed by those in authority who tell them to stop thinking thoughtcrimes.


This makes me feel so sick. The center cannot hold, y'all. The woke house of cards is gonna fall, and society might go with it.

I'm just gonna leave you with some thoughts from Tucker before I say something that'll get me in trouble.

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