This Canadian math teacher believes the mathematical equation 2+2=4 is equal to white supremacy
· Sep 20, 2022 ·

Canadians, these are the kind of people who are teaching your children:

In essence, math is racist.

This is no joke. Check out this math teacher's now private tweet:



Obviously, this is CRT, which is a philosophy that designates everything that's ever been used by white people in the West to get ahead as — you guessed it! — racist.

The man she makes a shout out to in this tweet is Jason To, a Toronto math teacher who aims to pay "particular attention to inclusive and culturally responsive mathematics instruction."

You can read his column, "Mathematics Doesn't Get a Pass on Racial Justice Reform," here.

Back to this tweet.

Notice the table on the bottom:

They're literally trying to turn mathematics into a sociology class here, which is just not what math is. It won't be long before instead of learning math in math class you'll be learning about racial justice. And then when you want to go to school to be an engineer, you'll have to take additional math courses to make up for all the math you missed in math class because you were too busy learning about indigenous people and all the genders they have now.

So dumb.

These people honestly believe that math is racist and that it needs an antiracist makeover.

God help us.

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