Seven years ago the media called this man a hero for putting a violent man in a chokehold on the subway. Why is this new case different? 🤔
· May 4, 2023 ·

AOC and other lefties are pushing the narrative, hard, that an aggressive homeless man named Jordan Neely was murdered on the subway after a Marine, along with a couple of other bystanders, restrained him with a chokehold while police were called, resulting in his death.

The Left is calling this a "lynching" in an attempt to start more riots.

But 7 years ago, in a very similar situation, the man who stopped another violent subway criminal with a chokehold was called a hero by the media!

Why is this different?

I know you know the answer.

The Left is made up of a bunch of racists who judge whether an action was right or wrong based on someone's skin instead of their actions.

How fast things change in 7 years... how much more racist our society has become...

Operation Bum Floyd is happening, and we need reasonable people everywhere to push back.

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