Report: At least 140 killed, over 300 injured in Christmas Day terror attacks on majority-Christian communities in Nigerian region
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I guess dozens of murdered African Christians isn't newsworthy, because the corporate media has only paid this the briefest of lip service:

End Wokeness is a random person tweeting from his/her house. I have no idea of his/her background or experience. It's the exact type of account that corporate media tells me will turn me into a conspiracy theorist.

And yet the trillion-dollar news industry, with its vast resources, can't even be bothered to verify photos and videos of the attacks, or to provide more than the smallest blip of a story on their corporate webpages.

Al-Jazeera and Reuters reported 113 dead in their brief articles, while WaPo reported at least 140.

From Reuters:

The death toll in weekend attacks in the central Nigerian state of Plateau has risen to 113, a local official said on Monday, in a region where clashes between herders and farmers are common.

They'd have you believe this is a two-way street. The herders, nomadic Fulani Muslims who migrate across the region, and the mostly-Christian farmers, are "clashing" regularly, you see. This is just normal stuff.

Perhaps some context from the Vatican News Service might help the writers over at Reuters.

WaPo took a similar approach:

At least 140 people were killed by gunmen who attacked remote villages over two days in north-central Nigeria's Plateau state, survivors and officials said Tuesday in the latest of such mass killings this year blamed on the West African nation's farmer-herder crisis.

"Farmer-herder crisis."

See how they frame it?

The identity of these people doesn't matter. If these victims were gay, Muslim, or transgender, we'd have all sorts of identifiers, but here we have Christian farmers being slaughtered wholesale by Muslim jihadi maniacs and suddenly it's a "farmer-herder crisis."

Here's a map showing the religious breakdown of Nigeria:

The Joshua Project, which tracks ethnic groups that haven't heard the Gospel, has a similar map (groups with large Christian majorities are in dark green):

And the Plateau region:

Christianity is spreading like wildfire across Sub-Saharan Africa, clashing with the Muslim populations that were colonized centuries ago at the point of the Mohammedan sword.

As Christian populations grow and flourish, they move into new areas. Their farms and towns get bigger. In Plateau, a Christian-majority region surrounded by Muslim-majority regions, Christians are horribly at risk, especially since Nigeria current and past Muslim presidents tend to look the other way when it comes to run-of-the-mill Islamic violence.

Or did you think a coordinated attack on Christmas Day was just about farming?

The assailants targeted 17 communities during the "senseless and unprovoked" attacks on Saturday and Sunday, during which most houses in the areas were burned down, Plateau Gov. Caleb Mutfwang said Tuesday in a broadcast on the local Channels Television.

"As I am talking to you, in Mangu local government alone, we buried 15 people. As of this morning, in Bokkos, we are counting not less than 100 corpses. I am yet to take stock of (the deaths in) Barkin Ladi," Gov. Mutfwan said. "It has been a very terrifying Christmas for us here in Plateau."

Purported videos of the attacks and mass burials are emerging. I won't show them directly here because I can't verify them yet and I won't scar your mind unless you have the fortitude to endure it.

But I will show you two screenshots from one video shared by Dutch activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek (if Community Notes finds the video to be from another attack, I will remove, but for now, it is worth noting).

These are Nigerian toddlers, still clinging to their dead mothers, in a sea of corpses:

No words for that.

The media will shove videos into our faces all day long if it fits a narrative, but they won't show this.

After all, it's just a "farmer-herder crisis."

Here is some actual reporting from Capstone Report:

The story reported by award-winning conflict reporter Masara Kim for Truth Nigeria details how even on Christmas Day as weather worsens, thousands of women, children, and elderly are evacuating as scattered gunfire is heard around the area of attack.

That area of attack appears to be in the eastern part of Bokkos county. Attacks began December 23 and appear to have escalated on Christmas Eve with the hardest-hit villages on Christmas Eve include Makabat, Mbar, Tahore, Sanyang, Daress Mandar, Hurum, Danbukur, Maiyanga, NTV and Tudun Mazat. In these villages, numerous houses were burned, and residents were displaced," according to the story posted by Masara Kim. Kim is senior editor for Truth Nigeria.

More details from other Truth Nigeria reporters include this: "The attacks continuing to the morning of December 25 forced residents, including children, to flee on foot amid worsening weather. A TruthNigeria reporter, native to the area, shared that his mother slept in a dry stream, while his siblings joined 20 civilian volunteers to defend their village. By the morning of December 25, at least 20 people were confirmed killed, five in the reporter's village Butura Kampani, with others still missing."

One ethnic group was targeted in particular, but no group has claimed a reason or ownership for the attack.

From Truth Nigeria:

In the first half of 2023, Fulani-linked attacks resulted in the deaths of over 2500 Christians in Nigeria, according to Intersociety, an organization monitoring and documenting genocide in the country. Plateau State alone witnessed at least 500 of these deaths, reports Intersociety.

Father God, I pray for my Christian brothers and sisters in Nigeria who lost their lives this Christmas and now look forward to life eternal. The world was not worthy of them.

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