Report: The US government paid Twitter millions of dollars so it could censor information. For real.
· Dec 20, 2022 ·

Are you guys starting to understand that this is bigger than something like Watergate by a factor of about ten zillion?

Seriously take a moment to reflect on the enormity of this.

Think of the biggest scandals in US history. This is right up there at the tippity top.

Despite this, Twitter and Facebook censored the story, which did, in fact, change how people voted in the following weeks. Joe Biden would not have been elected, since roughly 17% of voters indicated they would have chosen Trump if they had heard about scandals surrounding Biden.

You can watch some of the videos Shellenberger includes as context in the middle of the thread, but I want to skip ahead to the new stuff:

All those cries about Russian disinformation were lies.

The FBI and social media platforms knew it.

They said nothing. For years.

But the FBI kept pressuring Twitter because the Orange Man needed to be crucified:

In 2020, the FBI gave Twitter execs secret clearance so they could help them identify threats to the election – you know, like posts that might hurt Joe Biden's chances of winning.

It's important to note that Jim Baker, Twitter's top lawyer until a few weeks ago, was formerly the top lawyer for the FBI.

He was one of many that joined Twitter from the agency.

This access to Twitter allowed the FBI to shut down the Hunter Biden story immediately, despite the fact that they knew the story was true. This is called collusion, and collusion as an American public officer against the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States of America is known as treason.

And here's the kicker: The FBI was paying Twitter millions of dollars – OF YOUR TAX DOLLARS – for Twitter's "staff time," essentially creating an arrangement where the federal government used public money to spin the narrative against Donald Trump.

In response to the Twitter Files revelation of high-level FBI agents at Twitter, [Rep.] Jim Jordan said, "I have concerns about whether the government was running a misinformation operation on We the People."

The rest of America has concerns as well.

The FBI turned into the Soviet KGB and tried to make Twitter the Ministry of Truth!

And for all his bravado, Trump was right: His subordinates in the executive branch of the government conspired against him as their commanding officer, leading to his removal from office.

SNL's mockery of The Donald didn't age well!

From here on out, we ignore the extreme danger the Swamp poses to America at our own peril.

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