San Francisco is putting in a new public bathroom and it's only going to take three years and nearly $2 million to install
· Oct 20, 2022 ·

Even for San Francisco, this is extremely San Francisco.

Another public toilet [in San Francisco] is excellent. But the details of this particular commode? They're mind-boggling, maddening and encapsulate so much of what's wrong with our city government.

The toilet — just one loo in 150 square feet of space — is projected to cost $1.7 million, about the same as a single-family home in this wildly overpriced city. And it won't be ready for use until 2025.

Assemblymember Matt Haney (D-San Francisco) secured the $1.7 million from the state for the toilet after hearing "loud and clear" from the community that families needed a bathroom. The plumbing is already there, added when the plaza was constructed six years ago, but there was never money for the actual bathroom. Until Haney stepped in.

Oh yeah he sure "stepped in" all right!

But why, oh why, is one single toilet so unthinkably expensive? Well, in addition to the insanely high cost of doing business in Joe Biden's America, need we remind you's San Francisco:

"It's important to note that public projects and their overall cost estimates don't just reflect the price of erecting structures," the statement said. "They include planning, drawing, permits, reviews and public outreach." ...

An architect will draw plans for the bathroom that the city will share with the community for feedback. It will also head to the Arts Commission's Civic Design Review committee comprised of two architects, a landscape architect and two other design professionals who, under city charter, "conduct a multi-phase review" of all city projects on public land — ranging from buildings to bathrooms to historic plaques, fences and lamps. ...

The project will then head to the Rec and Park Commission and to the Board of Supervisors. According to the city's statement, it will also be subject to review under the California Environmental Quality Act. Then, the city will put the project up for bid.

Meanwhile, Florida has multiple major bridges already built several weeks after a once-in-a-generation hurricane:

Let's hope if you have to use the bathroom in downtown San Francisco you can hold it until 2025!

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