San Francisco is really out here appointing a "noncitizen" to oversee their elections
ยท Feb 18, 2024 ยท

Guys, reality is becoming such a joke that I can't even tell real from fake anymore.

I saw this post on X, from a meme account, so I thought it was a joke.

Haha, very funny. It's San Francisco so they're letting people who aren't Americans oversee American election.

Then I Googled it.

No, this is something they really did in San Francisco.

Kelly Wong, an immigrant from Hong Kong who is not a US citizen has been appointed to serve on the election commission in Frisco.

The newest member of the San Francisco Elections Commission, a seven-member civilian body that oversees and creates policy for the city's Department of Elections, isn't legally allowed to vote.

Kelly Wong, an immigrant rights advocate, is believed to be the first noncitizen appointed to the commission. At a swearing-in ceremony administered by Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin on Wednesday at San Francisco City Hall, dozens of people gathered to commemorate the occasion.

A woman who is ineligible to vote and who is an "immigrant rights advocate" is now going to be overseeing elections in one of the largest cities in the US.

You cannot make this crap up.

Maybe I'm crazy, but if you aren't legally allowed to vote then maybe you shouldn't be the person in charge of monitoring the vote!

Our nation has completely lost the idea of citizenship.

Wong's appointment is the result of a 2020 voter-approved measure that removed the citizenship requirement to serve on San Francisco boards, commissions and advisory bodies. Each of the commission's seven members is appointed by a different city official, such as the mayor, city attorney or district attorney. The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to appoint Wong...

Well, the people of San Fran asked for it, so I guess this is what they want.

Democracy is the highest value there is. Who cares if a person who is a citizen of a foreign nation is counting the votes?

Since 2022, Wong has done this kind of work as an immigrant rights advocate at Chinese for Affirmative Action, a civil rights group in San Francisco that focuses on the city's Chinese community. Since commissioners are unpaid, Wong will continue her work as an advocate, helping people like Christina Ouyang, who immigrated here from China 13 years ago.

And from Hong Kong? Yeah, I know Hong Kong is like the good guys in China, but this lady works with a Chinese affirmative action group, so at the very least that's commie adjacent "equity".

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