Last night the San Jose Sharks' Twitter account really posted a bunch of "LGBTQIA+ information" instead of covering the game. Here are the tweets along with my indispensable commentary.
Β· Mar 19, 2023 Β·

First of all, call me crazy, or a bigot or whatever, but I think hockey fans who follow their team on Twitter want their freaking hockey game updates.

Secondly, I read these super gay tweets, and so now you have to as well! But don't worry, I will make it an entertaining experience for you. πŸ˜‡

It all started with the most stunning and brave announcement, possibly of all time:


I will do my best to keep my commentary as brief as possible (I will probably fail).


Call me crazy, but isn't this a crystal clear indicator of severe mental health issues among young people who decide (or are pressured) to identify as gay or trans? The woke line is usually "Oh it's because they're bullied," which is a complete load of crap – every kid gets bullied. Encouraging your child, whose brain is undeveloped and is ignorant and naive (necessarily, because he's a kid!) to become gay or trans? Then you're pushing him toward the above stat.

Breaking: Survey of extremely liberal people reveals pathological fragility. Shocker. Also, you gotta wonder how many of those respondents saying "youth team sport is not safe for gay people" just don't play sports because they suck at them lol.

A 2023 study by Hamilton Porter found that the entire federal government, mainstream media, tech giant, and pop culture machine works all day every day to brainwash people into believing that gender is a spectrum rather than a binary.

Oh, that settles everything then! We should just strive to be more like the very advanced Zapotec culture from Oaxaca, Mexico!

I am not supposed to say this, but doesn't that obviously say more about violence in the black community than it says about transgender people? Also, what the heck is "HIV-affected hate violence"?

That's called being a freaking kid. Toughen up or you're in trouble – it's a cruel world out there.

Oh, students who are gay and/or think they were born the wrong gender feel weird in the locker room? You don't say. Maybe it's because they're attracted to the other students chilling next to them with half their clothes off? Maybe it's because they've been brainwashed into believing that they were born the wrong sex and they're actually in the wrong locker room? Also, newsflash: At least 40% of ALL students feel weird in the locker room, for all kinds of reasons. I remember my high school locker room and I'm sure the experience is still similar. The kids are all at different levels of physical maturity. There are always a couple dudes who always have their johnsons out, there are the kids with terrible BO, the jocks stealing people's clothes and sneaking around snapping people with rat-tail towel whips ... it's an awkward place. If I were a pansy I would call it "traumatic."

I would bet my house that at least 61.5% of kids identifying as "LGBTQ+" do not have dads or adult male figures in their lives who act like men and teach them how to stick up for themselves when being harassed or assaulted at school. I would also bet – no, I don't need to bet, because I know for a fact – that leftists have muuuuch looser definitions of "harassment" and "assault." These are the people who say words are literal violence, remember.

Thank you all for enduring these tweets with me. With all of you, we can make an impact. β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

P.S. If you care to know, since they didn't post it to Twitter, the Sharks lost to the Islanders last night, 4 – 1. Shame.

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