Say hello to the newest trans frontier: "Trans-disability"
· Nov 2, 2022 ·

Say it with me now, everyone: "Stunning and brave!"

A man in Norway is sparking outrage on social media after he was sympathetically interviewed about his decision to begin identifying as a disabled woman.

On October 28, Good Morning Norway (God Morgen Norge, GMN) aired an interview with Jørund Viktoria Alme, 53, an able-bodied male who now identifies as a disabled woman. In the interview, Alme stated that he had always wished he had been born a woman who was paralyzed from the waist down.

Alme, a senior credit analyst for Handelsbanken in Oslo, has received positive coverage in Norwegian media since he first announced his trans-disability publicly on Facebook in 2020. He has given several interviews, often alongside his wife, Agnes Mjålseth.

Despite having no physical handicaps, Alme currently utilizes a wheelchair "almost all the time."

That's right. Dude could just get up out of that thing whenever he wants.

Actually he probably does get up whenever he wants — you know, to reach something high up, or take a shower, or whatever. He can do that, because he's not disabled. Which is what makes his playacting so unbelievably offensive!

"It is a cognitive dissonance: in the same way that I experience being a woman in a man's body, I experience that I should have been paralyzed from the waist down. This is not a desire to be a burden on society. It is about the wheelchair being an aid for me to function in everyday life, both privately and at work," Alme stated.

You might consider this to be completely nuts. But we have been spending the past one or two decades claiming that men can be women if they merely "identify" as women. So in that context...

Can't wait to see what they think of next!


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