Commerce Sec. Gina Raimondo Claims There's No Vaccine Mandate Cuz Everyone Can Just Work From Home And Home School Their Kids If They Don't Wanna Get The Jab. And I Have Thoughts.
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Gina Raimondo is the Secretary of Commerce for the Biden Administration and she apparently has no idea how commerce in the United States actually works.

Watch this interview on MSNBC where one out-of-touch elite, Stephanie Ruhle, interviews another out-of-touch elite Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo about just how "non-intrusive" the Biden vaccine mandates are on your normal everyday person.

Yeah, these people are total clowns. They have no idea what things look like in the real world. Biden didn't create a vaccine mandate, duh. You have lots of other options you can take instead of getting the jab.

Stephanie Ruhle points out how out of touch she is with this little diatribe:

"If you do not want to get vaccinated, you can work from home. You can home school your children. You can shop online. So where is this coming from? People saying 'I'm being forced to get vaccinated.' We never forced vaccinations on kids in school. If you don't want your kids vaccinated you can homeschool them."

She goes on during this clownish monologue, but her main point is that it isn't technically a mandate because you could just simply totally alter the entire course of your life to avoid getting the jab. It's super simple guys.

Newsflash for MSNBC and the Biden Administration: NOT ALL JOBS CAN BE DONE FROM HOME!

I mean, surely these people know that if they think about it for just 5 seconds. But Ruhle and Raimondo both act as if this is a perfectly reasonable and practical solution for those who don't wish to get the vaccination.

And homeschooling your kids? I'm the biggest proponent of homeschooling on planet earth, but I still know that this is just insanely hypocritical of the folks on MSNBC. Do they assume that everyone who doesn't want the jab can suddenly move their offices to their homes and take their kids out of public school just on a whim? Is that how they think the world works?

Raimondo goes on to point out the other carved out alternative in the Biden mandate, which is that you can choose to get tested once a week instead of getting the shot. This is, of course, also a tyrannical overreach by Joe Biden. But it's at least a solution to those who don't wish to get vaxxed.

Weekly testing, of course, takes time that a lot of people cannot afford. It also isn't always available free or affordable and convenient. With weekly testing the cost of tests is just going to go up until it becomes unaffordable for individuals and insurance providers. So the long game is to make it financially unaffordable to not get the vaccine.

But yeah, according to the Commerce Secretary:

You are not being forced. You can work from home. You can get tested on a weekly basis. So I just think this is smart public policy and great leadership by the President.

I am really just completely flabbergasted that the SECRETARY OF COMMERCE really thinks that just anyone can choose to work from home.



Not everyone has a job where they can just sit in front of a screen all day, or sit in front of a camera, and do their job.

Not everyone lives in an area where they even have enough reliable internet to work from home.

Maybe these elitists need to walk down the street through a construction zone and tell all those guys they should get the shot or work from home. Go to their favorite restaurant and ask if all the staff has been vaccinated. If they haven't I guess they can work from home too. Or go to the local Wal-Mart and tell the people behind the counter without a shot that they should just work from home.

I know, these two would never set foot inside a Wal-Mart.

This mandate directly impacts the most vulnerable workers. Largely those who have no work from home option. It's coercive and it's beyond unfair for the average American.

These 2 clowns are just too out of touch to realize privileged they are.

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