Parents: If you don't want to get your kids out of public school after seeing this, consider asking yourself these questions.
· · Oct 12, 2022 ·

Go ahead and watch this, if you can make it through the whole thing.

Now, for those of you whose children are currently attending a public school, here's a few questions worth asking yourself:

  • How certain can you be that your child's teacher isn't indoctrinating your child with this poisonous and sick ideology at school?
  • If you feel reasonably certain that the teacher isn't doing it, how certain can you be that your child isn't getting it elsewhere — from the curriculum, or guest speakers, or fellow students?
  • What is the risk-benefit ratio to keeping your child in an environment where this sort of thing may very well be taught on a daily basis? What is the payoff for your child's continued attendance in this environment? Is it their friendships with their fellow students? Is it the "socialization" aspect? Is it the quality of education? If it's any of these things, how much value do you place on them relative to your child ending up damaged and unwell like the person in this video?
  • How likely is it that you might be able to fulfill any of those needs or desires (friendships, social engagements, high-quality education, etc) in an alternative education environment? Do you think a private (preferably religious) school could get your child any of the same things? What about homeschool? What about some as-of-yet unimagined hybrid education?
  • What is holding you back from finding an alternative education for your child so he or she is not ruined by this ideology? Is it money? Logistics? Convenience? Something else? Consider strongly if any or all of these factors are really all that immutable, at least compared to the lifelong well-being of your precious child.

Please give all of these questions some serious thought. Your child is precious and irreplaceable and deserves no less from you.


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