"She is a Nazi" is trending on Twitter over Marjorie Taylor Greene. Come see how unhinged BlueAnon is today.
· Jul 25, 2022 · NottheBee.com

It's absolutely amazing to me that leftists do the exact things they criticize conservatives over.

"You can't think for yourself! All you do is watch Faux news!"

Yeah, okay boomers.

There are certainly some obsessions over here on the Right, but my goodness y'all blow them out of the water with your own conspiracy theories.

Look at one of Twitter's top trends today:

I was unaware that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia was a nationalist socialist who wants the government to control industry, take away the guns of citizens, classify everybody by their skin color and ethnicity, and impose the state religion on us all.

I thought she was simply a firebrand Republican who actually believes something different than the Democrats and makes it her brand to trigger lefties in order to get better name recognition that helps rake in the donor bucks.



I'm a "Christian Nationalist" in that I believe Jesus Christ is the actual Son of God and that he has commanded me to disciple the nations so that that God's "will be done on earth as it is in heaven," so I guess I'm a Nazi too.

Dang it!

While we're at it, there are two billion Christians on the planet that (should, at least) believe in these ideas.


To clarify their position, leftists reminded everyone that Jesus isn't white (because Christians are white supremacists, get it?).

Can you imagine if the Founding Fathers were here?

Can you imagine their reaction if they heard that [checks notes] a woman wants the institutions and governance of America to be centered around Christian ideals and morality?

Oh no, don't tell me George Washington and all his peers were... gasp, Christian Nationalists!!

The principles of Christianity are "eternal and immutable," and our independence is based on these principles???

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