SHOCKING: 20% of Americans between the ages of 18-29 think the Holocaust is a myth
· Dec 8, 2023 ·

I guess we have more answers here as to why college campuses are so anti-Jewish these days.

Yes, you read that correctly, one in five young Americans believe the Holocaust is a myth.



Never would I ever predict such a thing, not even satirically, but here it is. And this trend has been going on for a while now.

Disturbing to say the least.

Young Americans — or at least the subset of them who take part in surveys — appear to be remarkably ignorant about one of modern history's greatest crimes. Some 20% of respondents aged 18-29 think that the Holocaust is a myth, compared with 8% of those aged 30-44 (see chart). An additional 30% of young Americans said they do not know whether the Holocaust is a myth. Many respondents espouse the canard that Jews wield too much power in America: young people are nearly five times more likely to think this than are those aged 65 and older (28% versus 6%) …

Though young Americans' views are most stark, antisemitism is rearing its head in other demographic groups. The same YouGov/The Economist poll found that 27% of black respondents and 19% of Hispanics believe that Jews have too much power in America, compared with 13% of white respondents who say so. Whatever the reasons, the polling is alarming.

An alarming lack of knowledge here, and that's wishful thinking because some of this might be straight up denial of history. 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust and we've got kids on college campuses, probably more than 20% of which believe the Holocaust is a myth, calling for the erasure of the Jews.

We're about to enter a horrendous time in history if we're not careful.

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