This is the climate change we should be worried about. China is expanding the reach of its WEATHER MACHINES.
· Dec 21, 2020 ·

Stop messing with stuff, China!

I don't know why people always have to go and play God. Watch a little sci-fi! Look what happens when people mess with stuff that's too big for them. It always goes wrong!

But no, China has thrown caution to the wind (literally) and is hellbent on maintaining their cartoon villain cred by expanding weather modification efforts.

Just last month, China launched 16 "rain enhancement rockets" in an area that was facing a drought. Then, over the next 24 hours, the county got more than two inches of rain.

Don't ask me what I'm worried about. This is an actual photo of Chinese cloud seeding.

Okay, that's pretty cool. And it's not actually new either. Cloud seeding has been around for decades. Also, if you'll remember, China famously seeded the clouds before the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

But they announced earlier this month that they plan to expand their weather-making power to cover almost 60% of China by 2025! They want to reach 5.5 million square kilometers with tech that creates artificial rain and snowfall and can also suppress hail.

More rain seems great and all, but obviously, everybody is wondering how long before you start using your fancy weather machines for military purposes? Or (perhaps more realistically) what about stealing rain from neighboring countries? Or unintended consequences like inadvertently causing a monsoon?

Or worse?

Just stop messing with stuff!

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