The suspect in the Waukesha attack has a rap video where he sings about kidnapping and murder in front of the car he used to run down people, but don't let this distract you from America's real problem of white supremacy
· Nov 22, 2021 ·

The suspect in the horrific mass-murder event in Waukesha, Wisconsin is reportedly a Milwaukee-area man named Darrell Brooks, who has been arrested by police.

In addition to a long rap sheet, Brooks is apparently a rapper with the stage name "Mathboi Fly," and even has his own rap music video. See if you think this guy is a peace-loving, upstanding citizen from this clip:

[Warning: Lots of language]

Looks like a classy dude with some classy friends.

Here's the part where I say this is allegedly the same vehicle – just like this vehicle parked outside Brooks' home is allegedly the same one used to mow down dozens of spectators and participants in a Christmas parade on Sunday.

Here's the full rap video as well:

At this moment, we have no idea what led Brooks to reportedly commit the heinous crime. Insane lefties out there are calling it "karma" connected to the Kyle Rittenhouse case, and the mainstream media is being awfully quiet since the perp doesn't fit the profile of the Narrative™.

What we have been told – often and repeatedly – is that "white supremacy" is the greatest threat to America today. The President of the United States, the Justice Department, the FBI, Congress, and the U.S. Armed Forces are all engaged in this line of thinking, not to mention 99% of the talking heads on news and film.

Despite that narrative being debunked time and again, we are told to focus on the 17-year-old who shot 3 violent (white) criminals in self-defense as an example of this systemic white racism. We are told that the white "Karens" who don't want their kids to become hateful communists must be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law. We are told that voter ID laws are making "Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle."

Meanwhile, cities burn. Urban neighborhoods are rife with violent men like Darrell Brooks, who glorify torture, rape, kidnapping, and death – and live out their fantasies by mowing down grandmas and high school dancers at a parade.

Even posting literal support for Hitler isn't enough to get this guy on the news, but you know if he were some random white dude, the news would be all over this!

The color of his skin is only worth mentioning here as it pertains to the destruction of the Narrative™, and to note that the insane levels of black-on-black crime are in Democrat strongholds, where the Left has promised their policies would bring justice and flourishing to black communities for decades.

So when you watch Darrell Brooks' rap song, remember not to let the media sweep this one under the rug.

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